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GET A GRIP       Pre-selected grip packages

include industry-standard components with easy-to-work-with

contents.       They contain the most popular items and no additional

items need to be rented.           Please provide at least 24 hour notice.

½ TON PRE-SELECTED .............................................................................................................  $40 per day

3 C-Stands                                                       1 Baby Plate                                          1 Duckbill [Beadboard] Holder
1 Ceiling Clip                                                    1 Jr. to Baby Adapter                           1 Jr. Grip Head
1 6” C-Clamp w/Baby                                   1 Furniture Clamp                                 1 Mayfer Clamp
1 Cardillini Clamp                                           3 Safety Hangers                                  4 20lb. Sandbags
2 Full Apple Boxes                                         1 Each ½, ¼, 1/8 Applebox                 3 Each #1, #2, #3 Grip Clips
1 Furniture Pad                                   1 Each 18x24 Single, Double, Silk, Solid        1 Each 2x3 Single, Double, Silk, Solid

1 Regular Combo

1 TON PRE-SELECTED .................................................................................................................. $75 per day

7 C-Stands                                                      1 Short C-Stand                                    2 Regular Combo
1 Baby Offset Arm                                         2 Baby Plates                                        2 Duckbill [Beadboard] Holder
1 Foamcore Holder                                       2 Ceiling Clips                                       2 Jr. to Baby Adapter
2 Jr. Grip Head                                               2 6” C-Clamp w/Baby                        2 Furniture Clamp
2 Mayfer Clamp                                            2 Cardillini Clamp                                 5 Safety Hangers
1 Articulating Ladder                                   8 20lb. Sandbags                                  4 Full Apple Boxes
2 Each ½, ¼, 1/8 Applebox                        5 Each #1, #2, #3 Grip Clips                2 Furniture Pad
1 Each 18x24 Single, Double, Silk              2 18x24 Solid                                          1 Each 2x3 Single, Double, Silk
2 2x3 Solid                                                     Butterfly Kit [ Silk, Solid, Griff ] w/frame

Some substitutions are allowed. Please inquire.


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Spotlight on:

Depth of Field Adapters

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Maybe. We are seeing a large number of high-resolution camcorders that have fixed lenses. The ability to use different lenses is not available.  Or are they? By their nature, zoom lenses have additional optical elements that allow for the zoom function but sacrifice bokeh and are generally not too fast.  Reality, doc's BTS's don't generally need narrow D.O.F..  Cinema generally does.

Funny thing is, manufacturers are putting out 4K cameras with fixed lenses and all have included 24-frame capability, generally reserved for cinematography creating that good ol' film look.

Fixed zoom lens and 24 frame? Rarely the tracks

shall meet.

Creating enhanced depth of field (D.O.F.) is

with both zoom and prime-type lenses (those with

fixed focal length) though most would agree prime's

are the way to go. 

Since a fixed-lens camera doesn't allow other

specialty lenses to be used (such as a prime lens),

the filmmaker may have a problem in creating the cine look-and-feel deemed necessary to the needs of the production.


HSR was, for a moment in recent past history, one of America's largest
Letus35 D.O.F. adapter rental firms. We carried all three different models (that did roughly the same thing) and many different lens mounts from Nikon, Canon EF and FD, Zeiss Conterex (CY), M42 and even PL.

After we set them up they looked quite nice. Many went out on a given day or weekend on earlier cameras such as the Panasonic AG-DVX100A, Sony PMW-EX1,and others. The results for their day was shockingly effective. Very sixteen millimeter -ee.

The zenith of the adapters use and broad acceptance peaked about five years ago. Their popularity waned in the face of so many cameras having removable lenses, from DSLR's to traditional camcorders. Cameras no longer shipped with a lens at all.  What does one do if you own or have access to one of the great fixed lens cameras currently on the market, and you need to shoot a more film-feel project?


A DOF adapter focuses an image onto a translucent screen or piece of ground glass (similar to how one would look at a focused image through a system camera's EVF) located between an external lens and the camera's fixed position lens.

The camera is able to frame this intermediate screen by focusing in a macro mode. The principle is similar to pointing a video camera at a movie screen. The lens attached to the adapter now takes the job of the camcorder's focusing and aperture mechanisms.

The camcorder's only responsibility at this point is to record what is being projected onto the focusing screen referred to as “back focus”. Simply zoom into your “new” frame and focus.


If you already own a few prime lenses from your SLR days, here is your justification for holding on to them, even if you didn't know it at the time. Whether you own Canon EF, FD, Zeiss CY, Nikon,M42 or even PL, various front-of-adapter mounts allow you use them in a D.O.F. adapter configuration.  Some old lenses have a certain look to them which can be very desirable. 


We've sold off over a dozen systems over time but decided to keep one system for the historical record. It works great but gets very little work. Until recently.

Now I'm getting more bookings and seeing several better (read: newer) cameras with fixed lenses that, in concert with the adapter, produce very convincing imagery. As previously mentioned, everybody's getting in the game. As of mid-August 2015 the list continues to grow in fixed 4K:

Canon XC-10, JVC GY-HM170, Panasonic HC-X1000 and AG-DVX200 (shipping soon), Sony PXW-Z100 and FDR-AX1.

Great. More new model numbers to remember.  Getting double-duty from a new camera makes good sense. Applications from a more ENG-style run-and-gun where auto-focus and a powered zoom lens is required to Cine-style where most elements are in hand. 

Bring in your camera for a test fitting. No charge.

LETUS35 EXTREME with VERSION2rodset/riser and........................................$65.00 per day

your choice of 72, 77 or 82 camera thread and lens mount.

Pick from Canon EF/EOS, Canon FD, Nikon, M42, Zeiss CY or PL