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Our extensive array of lighting fixtures provide illumination solutions for every situation. Most luminaries in the Motion Picture and Television industry are AC based, that is to say they plug into the wall. Large value instruments (those above 2000 watts) generally require an independent source of power for the larger load. 

Lighting can be grouped into several categories, many of which are shown in the tables below.

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FRESNELS (pronounced FREN - NELL)

This the most popular type of fixture used due to its inherent rugged construction and flexibility. Fresnels allow for wide-to-narrow beam projections in a variety of wattage values. Fresnels are shipped with a barndoors, scrims in a pouch and an extra globe. (150's are not provided with scrims) .We are happy to provide photometric data to those who wish. Fresnels are tungsten temperatures but can be gelled with CTB for daylight correction. Here is an example of FRESNEL rental pricing that we carry as normal inventory:

150w "Pepper"      8.00                               300w           13.00                                 650w                   13.00

1000w                  18.00                             2000w          18.00


Derived from theatrical, an ELLIPSOIDAL has many of the characteristics of a follow spot. Available in various "degrees", the variations provide a more focused (or less focused) beam that can be projected from a further distance. They also allow for the use of Gobos. which are pre-cut images on aluminum plates that can be cast upon a wall or other surface.

Leko Jr. 26-degree          20.00                            Leko 50-degree              20.00


Using gas-filled tubes, these fixtures offer low power consumption, cool operation and a wide variety of color temperatures and outputs. Various manufacturers have florescent offerings including Kino-Flo. This type of light uses a ballast, either internal-attached or external. The fixture manufacturer is largely less important than the globes which we carry in the Kino-Flo brand exclusively.

Kino-Flo 4 foot 4 globe (55w each, 220w total output, select color temperature, 1 extra globe provided)       45.00

Kino-Flo 4 foot 2 globe                                                                                                                                                   35.00 

Kino-Flo 2 foot 2 light                                                                                                                                                     25.00

Photoflo Diva 400 has 4x 55 watt folded globes and has the same output as a 4 foot 4 light                           35.00 

in a reduced form factor package.

LED (light panels)

These fixtures provide low temperature operation and are solid state non-ballast design. Small examples are used popularly as on-camera lights, and are also available in larger higher-output versions. LED fixtures have a smaller beamwidth and throw and are usually placed closer to th subject of illumination.

Photoflo 1 foot x 1 foot 1080 LED Bi-color is dimmable and can use a V-Mount battery system                          95.00

Neewer Micro-punch has 160 daylight LEDS and operates on a camcorder battery. Stand or                             35.00

on-camera compatibility. Also very effective for in-car illumination without attachment to the vehicles electrical system.

IDX 4 Battery kit for LED lights. 2xE7's & 2xE10 V-mount batteries with an IDX LS-2A Dual charger                    35.00

HMI (Hydragyrum Medium-Arc Iodide)

Difficult to pronounce but easy to use, an HMI has an inhanced light output for its wattage. Available in PAR or FRESNEL variations, the output is extreme and very hot. Considered a high-end fixture, HMI's are inherently daylight in temperature and can be very pricey.  Generally, an external ballast attaches a feeder cable to the instrument.

Frezzi SSG-200 PAR has the equivalent output of a 400w HMI. This version is dimmable.                                     75.00    ​


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